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10 Facts about Orff that you didn’t know!

10 Facts about Orff that you didn’t know! 10 Facts about Orff that you didn’t know! 1- Carl Orff was one of the first teachers to combine singing and speaking, clapping, dancing and instrument playing for children to enable them…

17 October Arter Concert

17 October Arter Concert Annual Young Musicians on World Stages Concerts in Modern Art Museum Arter tarted in 17. October 2019. Here are pictures from the concert. Next Concert is on 28th November 2019.        

The Vibrant Recordings

Musiktheater The Vibrant Recordings Reinmar Wagner Do the Piano Duos have to be sisters like Pekinels or Labèques? Or at least couples like Soós-Haag or Tal-Groethuysen? Duos like Martha Argerich with Nelson Freire prove that it also functions without marriage…

18. Mersin Music Festival

18. International Mersin Music Festival “Young Musicians on World Stages” Concert “Audience was amazed” Young masters of classical music enchanted the audience in 18. International Mersin Music Festival. International Mersin Music Festival brought members of Güher&Süher Pekinel “Young Musicians on…

The Best Recording

The Best Recording The official website of BBC Music Magazine  We select the greatest recordings of Saint-Saëns’s musical menagerie Güher & Süher Pekinel (piano)Radio France PO/Marek Janowski (1990)Warner Apex 25646 21252 Submitted by: Freya Parr  /   6 March 2019 Saint-Saëns…

“Treasures” Robert Cummings

“Treasures” Robert Cummings Treasures Güher & Süher Pekinel (pianos) Video formats: Sound: PCM Stereo; Picture: 16:9 ARTHAUS MUSIK Blu-ray/DVD/CD 109366 [13 discs: 1034 mins] This thirteen-disc Arthaus Musik box set is one of those massive collections that will be coveted mainly…

“Treasures” Review by Martin Hoffmeister

“Treasures” Review by Martin Hoffmeister “Treasures” Review by Martin Hoffmeister MDR Figaro 01.03.2019. The accomplishments of an internationally highly regarded Piano Duo are rarely extensively documented: The 7 CDs, 4 DVDs and 2 Blu-Rays present innumerable artistic milestones of wide…

Strong Hands – The Duo Pekinel

Pizzicato’s interview with the Pekinel Duo Strong Hands – The Duo Pekinel Arthaus honours Pekinel Piano Duo with exclusive box! Since many years, the Güher & Süher Pekinel Piano Duo attracts exceptional attention in the international music scene. Their orchestral…

Congratulations Umut Sağlam!

Congratulations Umut Sağlam! “Young Musicians on World Stages” cellist Umut Sağlam won the First Prize in the Gaetano Zinetti Music Competition which was held in Sanguinetto/Italy in September 2018. Congratulations!

2018 German Culture Awards

2018 German Culture Awards Young Musicians on World Stages has been selected as a finalist among 250 competitors for 2018 German Culture Awards, in which this year the winning nominees have been selected upon Drama and Literature Category. Congratulations to…