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A Great Pleasure

Rondo A Great Pleasure Michael Wersin One can develop real passion for the magic that can be created by two concert grands: especially if you talk about such a furious Duo as the Pekinels. Their strength is their perfect congruence…

Corriere Della Sera

Corriere Della Sera The Pekinels also made us imagine many orchestral colors and demonstrated that they were master of the dynamic nuances and the rhythmic abandon typical of this immense score (Stravinsky Rite of Spring).

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune They play with an unanimity of concept and style that is little short of amazing. Performances of such liveliness, personality, flair and polish could well give the art of duo piano playing a respectability, not to mention an…

The Guardian

The Guardian …As identical twins playing in a piano duo, the Pekinel sisters have uncanny, almost telepathic ability to match each other to a microsecond in even the most elaborate rubato. It really is like hearing a single player.

Frankfurter Allgemeine

Frankfurter Allgemeine …In a well-rounded program…one could marvel at their unbelievably homogenous playing, their temperament and the beauty of their balanced touch. Couples, sisters and brothers are often ideal duo teams, but the unique ability to breathe and phrase together…

Brilliant Brahms

Brilliant Brahms Christiane Bayer With Brahms’ Allegro of the ‘Sonata for two pianos op. 34b’, they score straightaway a fulminant introduction. The retained initial accords, followed by virtuous sparkling passages are utilized by the Pekinels in order to conjure exhilarating…

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Süddeutsche Zeitung …The assuredness and mastery that Güher and Süher Pekinel demonstrate at two pianos is really amazing…every entrance is accurate, the tone of the interplay is absolutely in agreement, the breathing is phrased together, the treatment of rubati and…