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Evin İlyasoğlu
Cumhuriyet, 20.06.2018

The Closing Concert with English Chamber Orchestra conducted by Gerard Schwarz featuring Güher and Süher Pekinel as solosits was among other concerts that I could watch also an unforgettable experience.

Pekinels performed „Concerto for two pianos and orchestra“ by 20th century French composer Francis Poulenc. Poulenc, in 1920’s as a member of „Les Six“ initiated humorous music through the depressing era of war. Later, he devoted himself to more mystical themes and aspects throughout his musical life.The eclectic piece which we haven’t been listening for a long time, has been performed in a dignifying and deep understanding by Pekinels. They created polysemic colors and gave the mysticism in prominence.


Aydın Büke
January 2015

When Güher and Süher Pekinel interpret Bartók’s concerto, as always, they display a flawless synergy. It is as if two pianos played by four hands, all controlled by the same brain, come together with the other musicians on stage, presenting a celebration that is spectacular to listen and to watch.

Almost all of the pieces that they performed at the Ludwigsburg Festival consist of works that are frequently played by artists in two piano concerts. Yet, even here, when one listens to Schubert’s Fantasia in F minor (D 940) or Mozart’s Sonata in D Major (KV 448), it is as if one can feel the excitement of two pianists playing together for the first time. Combining the excitement of playing for the first time with the experience of making music together for years, is a mastery that only artists like Güher and Süher Pekinel can achieve. In terms of both repertoire and interpretation, this is one of the most important albums of 2014.


Milliyet Sanat

Unchanging Discipline, unchanging Quality

Güher – Süher Pekinel’s third DVD album, released by Arthaus, combines a concert ranging from Schubert to Poulenc, with a Bela Bartok rendition conducted by Zubin Mehta. A CD version of the album is also available.

Ufuk Çakmak , December 2014



Young musicians on world stages
Yekta Kopan, 19.11.2014
Güher – Süher Pekinel’s contributory project is now in its fifth year.
The arts’ greatest supporter is the artist. Partnering the right project with the right sponsor falls on artists who carry a torch for the branch of art in which they create and want to contribute to its future. “Young Talents on World Stages” is just such a project. Güher – Süher Pekinel’s contributory project is now in its fifth year. Let me quickly summarize: We are face to face with a project, where, following auditions held among conservatory students, each of those who succeed receive an education at the best music schools in Europe and then represent Turkey in international competitions.



Echoes of Istanbul Music Festival “In Poulenc’s compelling Concerto, Pekinels played in meticulous harmony.”
Evin İlyasoğlu, Cumhuriyet, 20.06.2018

46. Istanbul Music Festival conjoined young musicians’ enthusiasm as much as great performances of world famous names.As a high energic series of events relished the audience.