The TEVİTÖLs Music Departments annually concert under the leadership of Güher and Süher Pekinel cherished a beautiful evening for music lovers.

26.05.2016, Yüreklihaber.com

The Güher & Süher Pekinel Music Department students of the Tev Inanç Türkeş High School for Gifted Students showed their exceptional talents at the annual concert under the title “From 2006 till Today: A TEVITÖL Classic”. Classic Music lovers got the opportunity to listen to these young talents and gave standing ovations to Güher and Süher Pekinel and their students at the end of this memorable night.

Chairman of TEV, the Turkish Education Foundation Ronca Yırcalı opened the concert with a welcome speech to TEVs and TEVITÖLs valuable guests:

“We are proud to be an institution which serves the youth of this country since half a century. TEV started 50 years ago by providing scholarships according to Turkey’s needs and is now an institution which is opening schools and dormitories as a contribution to education.

Since TEV undertook TEVITÖL in 2001/2002, we were able to send 562 Students with full or half scholarships to schools in Turkey and around the world. The 50 students who are graduating in June are going to be sent the same brilliant way, to open up new horizons in their lives.

Right now TEVITÖL has 270 students from half of Turkey. In addition to the academic education of our students we give great importance to raise sophisticated students, who are educated in music, arts and politics as well.

The fact, that 51 of our 270 students can play instruments is a great source of pride for us. All other students have, as an integrated part of the curriculum, world music history as well as basic solfege lessons in order to understand the essence of music. We want to thank the worldwide famous artists Güher and Süher Pekinel and our academicians for taking this road with us, for their effort and for their sacrifices to educate all our young students.”

After Rona Yırcalı’s speech the audience listened with great pleasure to the performance of Güher and Süher Pekinel Music Department’s students.

TEVITÖL, one of Turkey’s most prestigious educational institutions has reached international success from 2002 till now in many fields: From Athletics to music, from theater to natural sciences. But in the academic year 2006/2007 after high demands of students and the school management, the TEVITÖL Music Department was established under the leadership of one of the world’s famous piano duos Güher and Süher Pekinel. Since nearly ten years the Music Department teaches their students how to master their instruments and to develop the inspiring and deepening effect of music as a richness in their lives.

At the music exam of the Music Department the students are selected according their talents. The program includes general music lessons, music history and solfege. Due to the highly competitive education system making music and sharing is a relief in a spiritual way. The aim is to experience the creativity of a more balanced and consistent thinking ability, to develop self-discipline and to enrich the general and universal cultural view of life with music.

With current education methods, the support of teachers of the conservatory and with mentors who are artists of the big orchestras, the goal is to reach the most possible highest level in music education. The high standard of education at TEVİTÖL is reflected in the success of its graduates. Here some examples of the TEVİTÖL Music Department Graduates Careers:

After two years of musical composition education at TEVİTÖL Egemen Kesikli, who was awarded with a number of first prizes, received a full scholarship for his political sciences and musical composition studies in Minnessota, Texas and Colorado.

Cengiz Cemaloğlu who received a three years Bassoon education at the Music Department, finished his studies as an Exchange student at the Hong Kong United World College. He was elected as first Turkish Bassoon student to the Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra. Playing the Bassoon with high success he also continues his Political Sciences and Anthropology studies at Harvard University.

After five years of Clarinet education at the Music Department Güner Ege Eskibozkurt started studying Biophysics and Biochemistry at Harvard University. After passing exams of three orchestras she is currently playing the clarinet at her favored Orchestra, the Harvard Bach Orchestra Mert Taşkıran, who took five years of Piano education at the Music Department, graduated with part-time courses at the Piano Department of the State Conservatory of the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts. After accepted at the Washington University in St. Louis he started to study Philosophy, Psychology and Neuroscience as majors and continues his music studies with lessons in Jazz Theory and Jazz Improvisation.

After four years of Piano education at the Music Department Hazal Su Dinç continues her education at Claremont McKenna College with a full scholarship in her two majors Neuroscience and Music.

With this interesting insight of the Music Departments success the concert at the Sabanci University Performing Arts Center received full marks from the audience.