Thank You, Pekinel’s!
Hıncal Uluç, 18.11.2014

Believe me when I say, I watched the concert with teary eyes and the joy I felt was compounded with feelings of gratitude.
My initial thank you is to my friends Süher / Güher Pekinel… They have now carried the great contribution they have made to the international promotion of this country as the piano twins above and beyond with an historic project.
“Young Musicians on World Stages…”

Five years ago, they rolled up their sleeves to find the young talents that will strengthen Turkey’s name in the global arena, and create the opportunities for them to learn from the world’s greatest teachers, receiving the best possible education…
… and this concert was bringing together six of the young talents that had succeeded in representing Turkey on the world’s stages.

My second thank you is to Ömer Koç and Tüpraş, who undertook the sponsorship of the Pekinels’ project on behalf of Koç Holding…With this support, he proves worthy of his grandfather Vehbi Bey, who stated “I exist if my country exists.”
My third thank you, then, is to CRR Art Director Ozan Binci, who mobilized any and all resources to carry these young talents from World Stages to our Cemal Reşit Rey stage…

And, of course, my biggest thanks is to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who, even before the proclamation of the Republic, in 1922 understood the role of culture, art, and music in young Turkey, the future’s World State, and laid the foundation for today’s conservatories and the emergence of these talents by establishing the Music Teaching School…
It was “Atatürk’s youth on World Stages…”