Görkem Çiçek – Cellist

Görkem Çiçek, born in Sakarya in 1996, began his musical life by learning bağlama (a traditional Turkish music instrument) from his father at the age of 7 and by participating in various Turkish Folk Music competitions as a soloist.

He was introduced to classical music at the Kütahya Fine Arts and Sports High School, where he began his studies with Melih Selen. He started working with his first violoncello with Melih Selen. During his second year in 2012, at a concert he played with the Anatolian University Conservatory, he met Ass. Prof. Yuri Semenov, lecturer at the conservatory, with whom he continued his private studies.

In the summer of 2014, Çiçek took the undergraduate placement exam conducted by Anadolu University and passed it successfully. He has been continuing working professionally with Yuri Semenov since first term of that year. During this time, he participated in the violoncello contest “Aziz Gürerk Anısına” on 25-26 April at the CSO Stage in Ankara and he advanced to final the stage.

In 2014 Çiçek was accepted to the Anatolian University Conservatory, where he pursues his studies with Yuri Semenov. During his second year of education in 2015 he reached the finals of the “In memory of Aziz Gürer Cello Competition” at the Presidential Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall.

In the same year Çiçek was selected for the “Young Musicians on the World Stages” Project created and mentored by Güher & Süher Pekinel with the financial support of Tüpraş.

In April 2016 Çiçek performed with Pianist Tayfun Ilhan at the Eskişehir University and in the same month played another concert with the Pianist Yıldız Çiçek Sivri at the Eskişehir Atatürk High School of Fine Arts.

At the “Valery Gavrilin International Cello Competition, 18-20 April 2016” in Moscow Çiçek received the Second Prize, (the first and third prize were not awarded) as well as two Outstanding Diplomas, one being a Diploma for ‘The Best Interpretation of the Tchaikovsky Pezzo-Capriccioso as a virtuous small piece” and a special Sponsor Prize.
Çiçek is participated in the masterclass of Jens Peter Maintz in Ayvalık in September 2016 and is participated in the “11th International Antonio Janigro Cello Competition” in Croatia in October 2016. In September and October 2016 Çiçek is playing three different recitals in Eskişehir and Kütahya.

In April 2016, he was awarded second place in the V. Gavrilin International Cello Competition in Russia (first and third place not awarded), Tchaikovsky Pezzo- Capriccioso with the best virtuoso small piece interpretation award, Sponsor Special Award and an external achievement certificate. After the contest, he was invited to play at the Gala Concert in the big concert hall.

Görkem Çiçek has attended Prof. Wen-Sinn Yang, Christoph Henkel, Garbis Atmacayan, Giancarlo Guarino and Dilbağ Tokay’s Chamber Music and solo masterclasses.

He has played concerts with Işın Metin and Erdem Çöloğlu in Eskişehir Anadolu University Symphony Orchestra and Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Symphony Orchestra as soloist.

In March 2017, he won the first prize in the 8th International Akademia Art Festival and Instrument and Vocal Competition held in the City of St. Petersburg so he played at Gala concerts in the Lermontov Library Hall, which is one of the most important historical places and Petersburg Polytechnic University’s big concert hall.

Görkem Çiçek is still a member of the “Young Musicians on World Stages” family and he is currently pursuing his musical education at the Hochschule für Musik Theater und Medien in Hannover, Germany.