Güher & Süher Pekinel have also pioneered three significant music education foundations.
Young Musicians on World Stages
Tevitöl High School
Anatolian Music Education

For over 17 years, Güher & Süher Pekinel have been working on three significant foundations they have launched themselves and which complement one another. Through their active support, all three foundations have accomplished excellent results. It is of great concern for Güher & Süher Pekinel to pass their valuable experience on to younger generations.

“Young Musicians on World Stages”, gives extraordinarily talented young musicians the possibility to pursue their studies with a scholarship at the most significant conservatories in Europe -mostly in Germany- with the best pedagogues, and provides them with instruments of the 17th – 19th centuries by the Maggini Foundation. As part of the foundation, organised concerts offer these musicians stage experience as soloists or as part of a chamber music ensemble. This foundation is also internationally regarded as an important education system.

Tevitöl High School “G&S Pekinel Music Department” was established in 2005 for highly gifted children in Gebze near Istanbul. On the basis of excellent results of the department, the grading of Music is an important part of the curriculum at Tevitöl, which is now acceptable credit at notable international universities.

Anatolian Music Education, aims the adaptation of  music pedagogy concepts and systems into the Turkish curriculum in state kindergartens and primary schools in Anatolia. The system is being pursued by Pekinels since September 2010 and proves itself sustainable. The first step of the system has been the implementation of Orff Approach. Especially in Salzburg at the Mozarteum Orff Institute trained educators are teaching the Orff Approach to music teachers in six different provinces of Anatolia with the support of QNB Finansbank. Already hundreds of thousands of students are reached and the goal is to reach  500.000 students with the participation of 52 cities in Anatolia