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We were emotionally touched to receive standing ovation from the President

A brief summary of our last Interview with AA (Anadolu Ajansı)

„We were emotionally touched to receive standing ovation from the President„

Pekinel sisters took stage as soloists in the Season Opening Concert of „Presidential Symphony Orchestra „ in Residence of Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, Beştepe Culture and Congress Center. Following the concert, the pianists shared their thoughts and emotions on the concert in an exclusive Interview to AA reporter Yasemin Kalyoncuoğlu.

Pekinels expressed their appreciation for President Erdoğan’s and First Lady Emine Erdoğan’ s interest. Süher Pekinel“ We hope to see the President and the First Lady in the future concerts as well.“

They spoke about CSO’s and Orchestra’s important problems

Pekinels met President Erdoğan and Emine Erdoğan at the backstage after the concert.Güher Pekinel pointed out that they have provided information about their three education foundations, the problems CSO Orchestra and artists face with and that the President was closely interested in these subjects.

Güher Pekinel underlined the importance that the problems including the employees personal rights of the CSO Orchestra which Mustafa Kemal Atatürk took under his maintenance need to be evaluated and solved.

Expressing the importance of the orchestra which serves as a representative of Turkey on an international level with a history of almost 200 years, Güher Pekinel said “ The problems increased remarkably over the last years. As musicians performing in Turkey with the orchestra we also feel us responsible to find a way to solve these and that is what we have reflected in backstage. Maestro Rengim Gökmen and the Director of the Orchestra Altan Kalmukoğlu were present too and Mr. Kalmukoglu explained the details of the difficult situation. With a candid dialogue onsite , it is smoother to create a solution. The realities expressed and evaluated in detail by the artists themselves comparing the situations world wide helped to understand the situation with all its aspects. In this respect we see it as a very positive and constructive development “

Meanwhile Süher Pekinel expressed as one of the main problems of CSO and musicians ,the casting and unrenewed staff after the retirements of previous orchestra members. As Mr. Kalmukoğlu brought to subject, the chairs of the retired musicians are placed by new graduates who are not at the same level as the other members of the orchestra . The balance disappears completely and the problem of quality becomes an inevitable issue. It was a fatal subject to discuss this, since it is a 17 years ongoing problem. Süher Pekinel added „Moreover to increase the salaries of retired musicians in this respect is also a necessity “

Good News about CSO New Concert Hall for 2020

It was also expressed by President Erdoğan that the opening of the CSO’s New Concert Hall which is still on construction since 17 years , will be completed for the next season 2020.

Güher Pekinel said „We were very pleased to hear the President’s positive approach about the new concert hall.“ , and that they were very happy to hear that the New Opera House in Istanbul will be completed in 2020/2021 Season as well.

She added „ The opening of the new opera house is uttermost important for the Istanbul audience .We all have been missing it and awaiting a hall with a beautiful acoustic giving the audience the possibility to internalize the depth of the performances.“

„If the music possesses the right qualities, it will reach out to its listeners

Piano-Duo underlined that it has been a precious experience to gave a concert in both Presidency Beştepe Culture and Congress Center and CSO Concert Hall. Remarking that they have been giving countless concerts all over the world, Süher Pekinel said that the classical western music and symphonic concert audience should attend the concert first of all with a state of emotional consciousness.

Süher Pekinel draw attention to the importance to provide audience more detailed information about the program and pieces on the beginning of the concert as usual in Europe and added „ If the music possesses the right qualities, it will always reach out to its listeners . It is the duty and should be the wish of all musicians to bring the highest quality. The realm and wave of access happens organically. The listeners coming to a concert except a message. If we can deliver it ,audience leaves experiencing a fulfillment and happiness. Within time, the ones who are more interested search and read anyway before they come to a concert. More detailed biography of the composer, the content of a music piece, will enable listeners form another vision , consciousness and „ear“ while listening with their mind and soul.“

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